"We Want Core!"

This workout isn't going to work the same for everyone. That is okay. The goal is to stay in motion and do what feels safest. Always listen to your body above all. Check out the video references for moves list! 


1. Choose ANY (8) Ab exercises 

2. Label your paper #1-8, write down your exercises of choice.  

3. Perform #1-8 back to back. You should actively work for 20 seconds then take a 10 second break. Go!

4. Take a 1 minute break, stay hydrated! 

5. For 3 rounds, repeat each exercise 20 reps. Those two exercises are: Goblet Squats & DB Tricep Extension

6. Repeat Step #3

7. Take a picture or share your time till completion of everything! Enjoy!





Morning everyone! Here's a set of moves to keep you in good spirits! Remember, modify where necessary. Instead of jumping into an exercise, step into it. If you are unable to lift both legs at once then lift one leg at a time. Make it work for you. This isn't specific to anyone but more a guideline to help you stay healthy indoors! 

Repeat all moves 4x! 


Full body Lockdown 

Okay so here's the 411. Everybody cannot possibly do the exact same workout and get the same results. Get used to making modifications. Benefit yourself and always put form over weights. The first 5 moves have 3 different modifications to demonstrate a bit. Let me know if you find this helpful! Stay safe! 


Tennis Court Workout






-Tripod Row


-Banded Side, Front and Back Walks

-Tuck Jump Burpees

-Band Pull Aparts 

Each Exercises gets 10-12 reps

Complete in circuit fashion

Rest for 60-90 seconds

Repeat Circuit 3-4x 


Midweek Mayhem

Okay, here's what you need:


-band (long)

-a good attitude

Gooooood morrrning my captive brothas and sisters! Now everyone knows what the monkey in Planet of the Apes felt like. Here's a workout designed by our trainer/coach Gail Otis to help you mentally break free! As always, stay safe and modify where necessary! 

Repeat everything except the cardio portion for 5 rounds! Time yourself and enjoy!


House Arrest


Thanks to everyone for being patient during this time. A ton of videos have been edited and will be uploaded all weekend! This one was special, it's called "House Arrest!"

Hopefully it gives you a good laugh and workout! 12 moves that can be done ANYWHERE! No equipment needed! Let's spread good energy during this time! As always, stay safe! 

100 reps of Core


Repeat each exercise with or without weight for 20 reps! 

Go through all 5 with minimal to no rest period

Time yourself! How many rounds can you do in 15 mins straight!?